Advantages of syndicate method, HR Management

Q. Advantages of syndicate method?

1 one advantage is that solves the problem of training a fairly large number of participants who would not like to be trained through a conventional method like lecture method.

2 it is not merely a question of disliking but the instructional objectives of certain content inputs are such for higher level executives that it necessitates the use of syndicate method.

3 after the lecture and before the syndicates discuss the group leaders are briefed and guided as to how they should precede. Such structured guidance helps a lot in meaningful intensifying a discussion on certain specific issues.

4 the discussion in the syndicates is directed by the group leader and recorded by the secretary. The same is facilitated by co-trainers. Such a highly structured discussion session is always a strong positive factor for maximum learning through interaction.

5 the interaction as a result of the structured discussion is not only helpful in arriving at some conclusion but also helps in the development of higher cognitive attributes and sharpens the intellects of the participants.

6 the discussion session not only develops higher cognitive attribute but also develops certain affect attributes.

7 the affect attributes are developed as a result of the participants efforts to have patience while interacting and also by not becoming emotional when the situations tempt him to be so. He develops tolerance towards his critics in the discussion session.

8 the syndicate method helps enrich knowledge about other organizations on the issues discussed contextually. And it goes a step further by enhancing the ability to comprehend the knowledge and ideas presented.

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