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Review: Full, Anonymous: No Answer each of the following questions using economic theory covered in this lesson. 1. Marginal revenue product is defined as the change in total

if marginal cost descreases then what else is effected by this

Fiscal Policy Fiscal policy refers to the management of government spending and tax policies to influence total desired spending so as to achieve the desired level of economic

when does market equilibrium occur?

An economist's view of costs contains both explicit and implicit costs.  Explicit costs are accounting costs, and implicit costs are the opportunity costs of an allocation of resou

pooling in insurance

ECM101 – MICROECONOMIC POLICY ASSIGNMENT 1 General Guidelines: This assignment comprises two sections and you must answer all questions in each section. Answers must be explained

The total demand consists of: 1. New owner demand and 2.A replacement demand The replacement demand tends to grow with the in the total stock with the consumers. Once a pe