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* Question 1 :
Sound A has intensity 10 times the threshold if hearing : sound B has intensity 100 times the threshold of haring . How much louder do we perceive sound B ?

* Question 2 :
The distance from a point source of sound to the left ear is 2.00 m and the distance to the right ear is 2.01 m .
A) Estimate the differences in time between sound reaching the ears from this source .
B) Calculate the sound intensity at the right ear compared to at the left ear .

* Question 3 :
During a typical eight-hour workday , the average sound intensity arriving at Suzy''s ear is 1.8× 10-5 W/m2 . If the area of Suzy’s ear through which the sound passes is 2.1× 10-3 m2 , what is the total amount of sound energy entering her ear each workday ?

* Question 4 : ( Decibel scale – Calculation )
A) In dB , what is the differences between two intensities differing by factor of two , using the lower intensity as the reference ?
dB=10 log??10 ? (I2/I1) = 10 ?log?_10?× ((2×I_2)/I_1 )
B) A noise is measured at 2×10-3 W/m2 . What is this in Db ?
dB=10 log??10 ? (I2/I1) = 10 ?log?_10? ×((2×?10?^(-3) )/?10?^(-12) )

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