Accounts required and their purpose-branches, Financial Accounting

Accounts required and their purpose

a. Branch Current Account (Head Office Books)

  1. Records all transactions branch and head office;
  2. The balance represents the investment made by head office in the branch.

b. Head office Current Account (Branch Books)

  1. Records all transactions between branch and head office;
  2. The balance represents the branch’s capital;
  3. Profit and loss account balance must be transfeeed to this account at the end of the period.

c. Final accounts

  1. Examination questions
  2. Trading Account
  3. Trading Account – branch column records
  4. Trading Account – combined column records
  5. Profit and loss account
  6. Balance Sheet
  7. The provision for unrealized profit
  8. The ‘combined’ column in the trading and profit and loss account


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