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Requirements and Characteristics of a good table

In the words  of Mr. Harry Jerome a good statistical table  is a triumph of ingenuity and  technique masterpiece of economy  of space combined with a maximum  of clearly presented information.

If the rules of tabulation ( rules regarding the  structure and general rules) along  with common sense  are applied  then we  have a good table. In brief the essentials of a good table  are as follows:

a.The table should  attractive.

b. The size  of the table  should be neither too  big nor too small.

c. The table  should be according to objective of statistical investigation.

d.All the required rules  of tabulation should  be carefully observed.

e.The facts should  be so arranged in a table as to make comparison between  them easy.

f. A table should  scientifically prepare and should be so planned as to make it easily understandable.

g.The data  should  be written  in original form as far as possible.

h. A table must  be free from  all types  of irrelevant  data.

i. Explanatory  notes  should  be incorporated.




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