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The word weak dog marketing signifies about an individual or an organization which is weak in terms of marketing. In a market dominated by giants (top dogs), some companies are using their underdog that is weak dog status to gain marketing advantage, hoping that people will psychologically associate with underprivileged parties. A classic example is Avis-rent a car company. Some big companies like HP, HarleyDavidson and Google use their underdog origins to win customers.

It does not apply best tools of marketing to promote a product, to increase a sale and to achieve sustainability. Weak dog marketing does not provides all the valuable information data which create path, blueprint or future framework strategy, tactics, area which needs improvement and core strength of the business. So one cannot easily say that weak dog marketing will give all the information for the company by which one can develop and grow the business.

Data and information give the facts and figures about the potential of the business but weak dog marketing is unable to follow this strategy due to their competitors’. Every business has competitors in the market to take steps or define the strategy for the business requires the true information and data about the existing competitors. What will be the design of the business strategy? How can the company capture the market? Who are the potential competitors in the market? All valuable information comes by the data collect from the existing customers and local people which weak dog marketing does not supports. Their feedback and knowledge does not provide n number of the information about the competitors because their strategy is pathetically difficult.

The basic and main objective of the research methodology is not understood by weak dog marketing. That need and demand does not create a different place for the introduce business model. It sometimes generates lot of negative attitude.

The study of marketing strategy for weak dog marketing does not provide the information about the effective communication tool which I can use to create awareness, create customers and spread the message about the brand in the minds of the customers.

There should be a unique strategy with innovative ideas so that no competitors can enter your area of market. It should attract the target group of customers and satisfy them with all possible ways. Marketing strategy is needed for every business to get success like for example one can do apply the strategy of promotion and it should define all the strategy and it should bear all the costs like the marketing, product promotion etc. initially price will be little competitive but with time, it will increase as per the loyalty of customer will begin. Market penetration will occur because it is a product.

The price will define the product development market development and the diversification etc. Price also defines our next plan, our employee’s salary, infrastructure cost; the cost which will take place in marketing is quite difficult for top managers to decide because for a new product it’s quite difficult to define that it will succeed or not so the best steps get taken by following these steps. The public wants value for everything that it purchases. In weak dog marketing the company as well as the marketer needs to understand that why they are failing? What should be the strategy follow by them? What is the key area which needs to work upon by them so they will not fail?

Weak dog marketing has several advantages also because it helps in achieving the great success and challenges of the business. It understands the cost effective solutions for the investment in the company. It also has a very high aim of achieving the overall achievement and success of the business in a tuff times as well it involves number of commitments and strategy of pricing attention for more customers through various channels like spreading the message through television, newspaper, magazines, internet and other media and channels like radio city, news channels, websites and many more. It also appreciates the business and develops the positive energy within the company and for its people who are very much associated and engaged with achievements challenges and expansion of the business.

As I have talked about Harley Davidson which is a very branded and an associated company well known to everyone especially to the lovers of bikes and this company applies the strategy of weak dog marketing which also has a great advantage because it talks about the uses of this marketing and how this marketing needs to continue for achieving the competitive advantage. This is a very big and a useful example which talks about the nature and uses of weak dog marketing and how the company can positively use this marketing for the purpose of advantage and achievement.