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6P’s of Motivation

As a human being, we all need something to do some work, we work for living, we live for living and we do need motivation for working better and for achieving success. We do need motivation for performing, for performing well; we need the different tools and different styles of motivation for better work, for better strategy, for achievement of success and many more. When we talk about different P’s in marketing, different P’s of motivation comes to our mind and those different P’s are:

1) Praise

2) Power

3) Projects

4) Prestige

5) Prizes

6) People

These are the above mentioned six words which will describe about the six motivational techniques in marketing. When we talk about motivation, we talk about inner energy and enthusiasm which we get by many ways in an organization. When a person goes for buying something his first requirement is his needs and the use of the need. When he goes to purchase a product he don’t think of money first but yes what matters the most is it should fulfill his needs. There should be motivation which a person should feel while going for purchase. There are 6 p’s of motivation includes in marketing which should be present in a firm, a company or a workplace. The manager should highly think about motivating its employees so that the customers get highly influenced to purchase only your product. These 6 P’s of motivation are so important because it will provide a high growth to company as well to its people.

It can be internal or external. It helps to minimize the physical pain or physical pressure and it helps in maximizing the work rate. It is very much helpful in achieving the goal and it is necessary as well. It comes from person to person, it comes from things to person, it comes from reward and recognition, and it comes from basic needs and happiness. It helps in achieving the goals more vastly and clearly. It develops the nature of our mind and also helps in the success of the people as well the company because if the people will be happy then they will successfully create a benefits and advantages for the company. They will not look for others and only concentrate on their job and their performance. If the person feels motivated they work more because somebody recognizes them which makes them happy and gives them inner happiness. Same thing happens with the organization because if the organization gets success they will also try their best in giving their best by the help of different views and ideas and so on but nothing is possible without people as people are the main source, people are the key assets, people are needed for every success, people are the main resource and without them the company is not going to survive. So the field of marketing also, the marketer and the organization needs to understand about the company about the tools and techniques about various factors of motivation and so on.

When we talk about peace it highly talks about the culture of the environment whether the people are friendly or not, whether the manager are supporting or not so the targets can get achieve in a better way. When we say about participation there should be a strategy where everyone is participating and in terms of that they should get their goals. In terms of potential people should have the willingness to complete the task within time and before deadline so the entire system could feel good and understand them? The power here determines about the capacity of the person how much he is capable to convince the customers so that the customers stick on to the same company. Pride means the work which a person has been assigned should get complete with high quality so the whole group can be proud of them. When they will have the above five principles they will obviously go with profits and will surely achieve high.

These are the powerful tools to convince the people and to retain them for future sustainability.

Here we are discussing about the different P’s of motivation:

1. Praise: When a marketer go to the market and achieve certain parameters and his sales manager if praise him then he gets lot of motivation.

2. Power: The power of delivering the introduction about products and services helps the sales people or the marketer to achieve motivation.

3. Project: If a sales manager provides any project to the marketer or a sales people as per the company demand and wants then this project helps marketer to achieve the success which provides him with high motivation

4. Prestige: If the project makes the marketer successful by the attraction of customer’s then from this reputed company the prestige of marketer also reaches the high level which is his motivation.

5. Prizes: When the company provides him with prizes awards then marketing becomes successful and company also reaches its goals very easily.

6. People: people are the main source in any business and without people without team nobody have achieved high success which is important and which is one of the motivation concept.