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Product-Description about Product, Marketing Mix Element

The marketing mix stands on 7P’s. Those are product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence. In these 7P’s Product come the first places, because without product one cannot define their business. Product is the main category and there are other P’s are also related with the product or described about the product.

For example: if we talk about price, it defines the value of any goods or services which is a part of a product. Product is also categorized in two parts: goods and services. Goods are tangible and services are intangible. This is a major difference between goods and services. Whole marketing activities defines on the basis of nature of the product, features of the product, quality of the product, uses of the product and many more.

For example: if we talk about the products of cosmetics, marketers need to target the segments from the market because if a product is for women, marketer needs to target the woman and marketer or a company can go for a retail shop where they can distribute their products in a number of varieties. There can be a warehouse and a product as well as sample in a same place because it is a daily based product, the availability of these products are also in good in number, one does not need to go for search for these types of product. They can easily get these types of product including cream, face wash, talcum powder, deodorants, face powder and many more and if we look for a man they also prefer cosmetics products like hair oil, face cream, deodorants, perfumes and many more which they easily get in any local retail shop. They never need to or tend to order these types of goods or products.

In case of automobile sector, if someone look for the cars, this product is not easily available in any retail shop because it is huge in size so the sample also requires lot of space, one cannot get this type of product in a local retail outlet and a dealership or a showroom have been launched for this type of product because it is big in size. It requires lot of space, the purchasing power is also less for this type of product and the order needs for this types of product because it is costly and huge in size.

Product should be based on the basis of customer’s actual needs and demand but the question is how does a company know that the actual need and demand of the customer? So on the basis of marketing Research Company can able to get some information about the actual need, demand, preferences of the customer so the company can introduce or arrange the product varieties on the basis of collected information with high quality. Product range should be arrange in this manner which can satisfy the customer means in terms of customers’ have first preference to get maximum value of their money by the help of best and innovation idea and services.

It satisfies a consumer needs and wants if we take an example of green vegetables, it is that type of goods which one requires in a daily basis and which is important for one’s health, which does not need any type of marketing and advertising because these types of healthy foods are given first priority and major preference. It is a voice of all people and this product is required for all so the delivery the availability of these types of products are always be the same in terms of quality and in terms of healthy.

It is a term which is used for selling and there are numerous amount of term which are used in marketing for the mere product and for the selling of the product because product is more than place, thing, person, price and many more things because if the person visits Levi’s, Arrow’s, Vanheusen, Ed-Hardy’s, Biba, Gatha, Zodiac, Reebok, Nike, Adidas showrooms for purchase of the products like T-shirts, jeans, formals, shoes, belts, wallet etc, they don’t think for prices because they believe the brand they have high perception about these brands which are positively associated with their buying behavior and buying concepts so they will not think of prices once they will choice the product or like the product.

Because their main preference is the quality and they have high belief in the brand but on the same time when we look for people who don’t prefer these types of brands they basically go for traditional shopping market instead of visiting super market or shopping malls because they know their style of choice, they know their preferences, they know their budget can’t afford the shopping from these branded stores so they likes the tastes of traditional markets or weekly markets where they can satisfy their needs very easily with their choices of products. So I mean to say that in our country there is a very easy method and step for the survival of each category of people who are based from premium category or even a lower category who have different cup of tea can survive with food, shelter and clothes as per their requirements.

In stores like pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Mr. Biyani have done a very better job by their business strategies because they always keep discounts in their products every Wednesday in Big Bazaar where all the people can afford to buy the goods or product, where all the people can taste the taste of product.