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What is neuro marketing?

It is a type of marketing in which the marketer studies about the sense of the consumer and the affective responses to market stimuli. It measures the activities of the brain that is it defines the brain activities and also helps in knowing the responses of the brain.

What is the concept of neuro marketing?

The concept neuro marketing is a very wide concept and known widely which was developed by a great psychologist in the year 1990 at the famous university called Harvard University. It is a new field for a marketer, who studies about the consumer’s sensory motor, cognitive behavior and cognitive responses, affective response to the stimuli. The technologies help researchers in identifying the decisions what consumer’s possess and also the decisions about the consumer’s thinking. These technologies help the market in understanding the part of the brain what the brain is telling and they can easily identify the type of the consumer.

What are the aspects of neuro marketing?

It is the marketing which reads the brain and the mind of the consumer. By the help of neuro science activity and technology, neuro marketing helps the marketer in studying the brain’s activities and the response activity of the brain.

What are the goals of neuro marketing?

The neuro science has been introduced for measuring the preference of the consumer, the response of the consumer, it tells the marketer about the reaction of the consumer in terms of product in terms of branding and the type of the product the type of packaging it helps in understanding what the consumer exactly want? What is the taste and preference of the consumer? What is the packaging consumer wants in the product? What are the ideas and behaviors of the consumer? The main concern of this marketing is to understand the internal stimulus and its thinking of the consumers which will help the marketer in identifying the consumers well.

What are the outcomes of neuro marketing?

Neuro marketing helped marketers and researchers in developing the product more effectively and more efficiently. It is designed as per the requirement of the consumer. It is also produced as per the consumer’s needs and wants. The consumer’s tastes and preference matters lot in neuro marketing and this is achieved by the help of neuro marketing. This marketing mainly focuses on the brain and its response. It helps in achieving the success and goals of the organization as well it help in the organization’s profitability.

What is the term called Buyology?

The term called Buyology appears where science and marketing mix together because it is known as the witness between marketing researcher expert and neuro scientist expert who reflects the light where one make the valuable decisions and it can be anything from the food materials / food stuff to candidates of politics or the employees voting preference, or it can be the case of cigarettes, mobile phones, laptops, cars, brand, flowers, dresses, restaurants, chocolates, furniture’s, hair dressing, colors for interiors, electronic gadgets and many more.

It helps in understanding the concept of our buying behavior. It also helps in understanding our nature and likings that is the correct and wrong, Likes and dislikes reality and lies, the accuracy, the understanding in the items or products which the consumer is going to buy?

Thus neuro marketing is where brain and science meet together. Neuro marketing uses technology to measure the brain and to knowing the brain activities in the minds of the consumer. It helps in the emotional part of the brain and also helps in understanding the reaction of brain if the customer wants to buy the particular thing or not and also measure the activity called the needs of the market, the consumer needs as well as it helps in the buying process of customer. Neuro marketing helps the marketer in studying the brain’s activities and the response activity of the brain.

It helps in understanding the part of the brain what the brain is telling and they can easily identify the type of the consumer from their stimulus and brain as well as the activities performed by the brain. It helps in achieving the most visionary breakthroughs. It helps in understanding the person. It also help in understanding the information, attention, emotional responses and also helps in the learning of choices of consumer.