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Media is a source of marketing, mainly divided in two categories, print media includes newsletter, paper etc & electronic media includes television, radio etc. Expertsmind offers marketing assignment help, media concept as a source of marketing writing assignments and project assistance. Experts at are highly experienced & talented; our marketing experts have tricky & smart approach to find out the solutions for marketing related questions & doubts. Our experts teach you smar are highly experienced & talented; our marketing experts have tricky & smart approach to find out the solutions for marketing related questions & doubts. Our experts teach you smart marketing approach with suitable marketing source. We provide marketing theory related assignments, writing assignments and marketing puzzles within quick time.

Media - A Source of Marketing

Placing an ad needs some source that is known as media which turns out that the decisions involved in placing messages are just as big as the ones involved in producing them, may be bigger because media is the biggest winner. Media influence the advance of technology in the society.

Enter the world of promotional media, a world in which professionals match message and media. Media selection is where the money is spent, invested wisely or wasted. It is also a land where much has changed and changed recently. We begin by noting the changes and discussing their real-world implications. The new system more resembles a law firm’s billing system that anything else in the business world. There is still significant revenue generated through media discounts to agencies but it is neither constant nor uniform. Further the people who actually create the ads may work at an entirely different agency from the people who actually buy the media. Quite a bit of media planning and buying is outsourced, done “in-house”, or split off from the agency with the account management and creative function.

Even more fundamentally challenging to the old system is that media now include all sorts of species: the internets, cross-promotions, product placements, buzz marketing, movies that are really feature-length commercials and so on. The line between public relations and advertising has become almost no line at all, just a blur. In fact Sergio Zyman the former chief marketing officer at The Coco Cola Company recently defined “advertising” under the new rules as” everything”. Well while we stop short of that all-inclusive definition, its closer to the new reality than we could have ever imagined just a few years ago. If you defined advertising only in terms of media placement or where promotional messages appear, then advertising is pretty much everything. Of course, there is more to the definition than that. Still, many traditional lines are blurred or have been erased altogether.

For example: companies supply and push “news” stories about their brands or categories to media outlets as part of their overall integrated brand promotion effort. These “news” stories cost the companies nothing other than the salaries of the staff writers and placement specialists, so in a pure sense, no ads are actually purchased. The most obvious examples occur around holidays when food stories show up on the local early news as a feature story. These stories are often written and produced by a poultry or seasoning marketer and sent out to the news media as news, not advertising.

There are various two types of media which one uses to provide necessary information about themselves, about their company and about their products or services. Newspapers and magazines come under print media and radio and television comes in electronic media. In newspapers and magazines – the current information, the recent news, the latest trends which appears regularly and carries a news of current events which provide the readers with current information on politicians, government, sports, entertainment and many more. Radio is a wireless transmission through which the news today also can spread and convey to the public. Television is a wide source to convey the message and marketers usually uses the source of television media to convey the message to the public. Television is used by most of the people especially mass media so it will easily spread the information’s to all the public about the product or services.

For example: Dove which is recommended by real women has used the strategy of spreading the message via consumer magazine and Television. They uses magazines as their key partner in developing the marketing strategy, they uses consumer magazines to define themselves as power of beauty brands, by this strategy they also set the national agenda which enriches the brand Dove. They have invested in magazine advertising, they regularly use the magazines for advertising and they believe this media will place themselves in the heart of the beauty arena. It also maintained a firm commitment to display advertising and sampling for major integrated campaigns such as Hair, deodorant, body lotion and shower products. They recognize the magazines, which is present in the most effective medium to spread the information and message to public. Dove’s use of magazine media has been central to its transformation into a dominant market leading brand. They have observed radical sales and imagery shifts for the brand and they sustained commitment to magazines which proved the creative thinking and thorough better understanding of magazine’s unique strength which have been successful in enhancing the brand profiles. Dove has done a great job by the help of magazines and other media and they are also passionate about press. Thus dove is sustaining in the market from long.

There are five major companies who always use the media and those names are Walt Disney, Time Warner, VIACOM, Vivendi Universal, News Corp. These five companies use media for entertaining people; they use television, radio, news and sports entertainment which has a huge impact in society where an individual can shape the opinion of the public in many ways.

Thus media is important in today’s world for better existence and for better survival because it influences the standard of living of other people, it influences the lives of other people to cope with the growing inflation. It plays an important role in the modern world, while sitting at home one gets information about the happenings in the world. The rights to information is the very first and the foremost requirement of the people media helps in the most eminent way because one can see the reality and the fact of the world by the help of media and by the help of various techniques.