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Holistic Marketing

Holistic marketing helps in developing a marketing planning strategy in a whole. It describes the whole efforts of the marketing. It is used to develop a whole business. Here whole is a very broad term which helps in understanding that half efforts does not give a marketer a success, it requires full efforts, total benefits is needed and asked by the consumer that is the total strategy should be fulfilled to achieve the goals of marketing because you can’t market half the product and you can’t give half the information to your clients who are your source of income, who are your potential strengths in business.

You require helping them with whole efforts, whole information, and whole product for example if you have to market a computer, you can’t tell a customer only about its monitor or its keyboard because you will require to tell them about both the parts as you know one is incomplete without other one and one cannot use only monitor without the help of keyboard he won’t be able to work in the computer so his needs does not fulfills he is not getting any benefits from this product and from this marketing which you are doing. So he will obviously think about the other product when your marketing strategy will create a need for a consumer to buy.

What is holistic marketing?

Suppose you are in the business to selling story books, do you market the advantage and benefits of the whole story book or you will market only the single page of that story book and benefit your marketing?

If you will only market a single page of the story book, what negative effects will occur in the whole story book?

Do your client wants and need only a single page of the book or they want a whole story book or they want only half of the book?

How do you know and describe who is your customers? Who are your target group?

How do you know that what is the needs and wants of your customer?

How do you understand about the requirements of your consumer? How do you understand about the demands of your consumer?

How will you locate and where you will you locate your ideal customers and clients?

Who is the author of this story book?

How you will benefit your customer by providing the books from other sellers?

The concept of holistic marketing says that company is announcing its new capabilities and innovations to increase the business practices. They do new imaginations, they applies different and unique strategy and also do create a lot of creativity to make a difference. The company who is thinking on designing, implementing, making the progress and process of marketing programs, and also understand and recognizes their breadth and interdependies of the company as well the marketing programs.

It helps in building a relationship with a customer and also helps in the design and development of the product. It is the scope of marketing activities which develop a deep enduring relationship with all the people. It has four components:

1. Relationship marketing

2. Integrated marketing

3. Internal marketing

4. Performance marketing

Every product requires a holistic marketing. One cannot sustain without doing the holistic marketing. One cannot achieve the goals and objectives of the company without doing holistic marketing which requires full time and full efforts. In case of electronic goods, garments, accessories, cars and automobiles all applies a strategy of holistic marketing.

It establishes the business and tools of marketing in terms of motivation and techniques. It helps in achieving the satisfaction as well as also helps in making the customer satisfied and happy. It also does attract new business. It also helps in creating the awareness of the business. It also creates the right environment for success and supports the motivation. It helps in achieving the needs of the customer and providing them with those needs. It helps in becoming the best product in the minds of the customer. It influences more number of people. It is the soul searching process and it also explores the different aspects of integrity. It has many advantages from the point of business and achievements.

For example: It delights the customer, their needs and benefits as well it helps in understanding the value of the customer which they gets from marketing in holistic terms and from this point. It provides a good service, best product, unimaginable experience; it is the base of the overall product or a system.

Thus it helps to know the better demand of the customer and also to help in the services given by the management or an organization. It helps in achieving the needs and level of satisfaction of the customer and the company and a marketer helps them in providing them with those needs.