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Customer Markets, Marketing Concepts

Consumer when purchase goods or services for their own use or for their family uses, those markets are known as consumer markets. The consumer’s knowledge the consumer information about the product the consumer awareness the consumer needs and wants the likings taste and preference of the consumer the behavior of the sales person at the time of the purchase the services by the company after the purchase matters lot in the buying behavior of the customer. It is a market where they get their useful and necessary products.

There are different types of markets which are categorized in the below ways:

1. FMCG’s

2. Consumer durables

3. Soft goods

4. Services

5. Industrial markets

1. FMCG’s: Fast moving consumer goods having a high volume, they have low unit value and the repurchase of this goods are very fast means newspapers which are all new all day and it has a demand of each new day with each new news. The food which consumers purchase which comes under Fast moving consumer goods is the cooked meal which you can’t keep for two days and wait for another day to eat because it will be injured by diseases and it will affect your health as well so the fast moving consumer goods is known as the goods which you have to use and take an advantage for soon and in a short amount of time otherwise it will not worth of. In this type of goods, a consumer needs to purchase it again for another use.

2. Consumer durables: in this types of good, you need to invest some sort of money which is bit high and this type of market have very low volume and high amount of unit value for example: in this market there are two groups which come that are white goods and brown goods and the examples which cover these groups are:

1. White goods: White good is that good in which freeze, washing machine, microwaves, cookers, dishwashers which come in this good which say about a good that are basically white in color initially when these goods were launched and when it first explored in the world. These are basically exploited and covered with plastics from their outer core. These things provide them a better luxury life in terms of work it makes the work easier and these innovative technologies makes the person freer.

2. Brown goods: Brown goods are that goods in which the televisions, radio players, music system, DVD players, personal computers and many more which come in this good which say about a good that are basically brown in color initially when these goods were launched and when it first explored in the world. These are basically exploited and covered with tin or hard materials from their outer core. These things help the consumer in making them entertain from their busy schedule and from their hard work and job place. These things use to make them laugh and make them enjoy.

3. Soft goods: These are the goods which are used by consumer for the purpose of wearing and for the purpose of daily necessity. These goods help the consumers in looking good, in reflecting their personalities in managing their life and being comfort in front of people and public. Like clothes, a shoe which helps the person in going out for home and a person can’t even cross his doors of home without these things.

4. Services: These are also a consumer market where the consumer go for fulfilling their needs and demands for their betterment of life, for their looks and styles and many more things like the doctors come in this types of market where if the customer falls ill he or she will look for the doctor and go for better services which he or she will get for being cure from all the diseases and from all the major illnesses so a doctor helps in this type of market. When a consumer feels that they need a hair dressing then they go to the parlors for taking these services and making themselves beautiful. Like when a consumer go for a tailor he or she don’t think about the product and go for taking and ask for a better service for stitch of their dresses materials which helps them to completion of the dress and to make it ready.

5. Industrial market: These are the markets for a consumer where they can get good products for the point of business and for the purpose of business. It consists of example like computer systems, office furniture, steel, gas, security and accounting services and many more. For example if an institution director for a graduation and management level and information technology education to his students is placing an order of computer systems of more than fifty numbers then it is known as industrial market where the product is useful for the purpose of commercialization.