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Good selling is the successful and the important part and ingredient of creative selling process. Selling process needs to be creative for better gains; better profitability and better goals are also needed in fulfilling the success of creative selling process. For example: in case of automobiles, in case of real estate, in case of chocolates and in any industry or in any organization, selling process needs to be designed in a very creative way for example in case of let’s say we talk about the very famous part of our life that is shoes in case of Nike the selling process is really creative in their outlets and am saying that as per my experience my close one’s experience that Nike provides a great solution in terms of all the problems, in all the issues there is only one solution and that says Nike which has a clear goals and ambitions in its history and they follow all the eight steps which are defines by me below.

In case of Vanheusen, the company performs the same steps with the same eight steps of the customer.

1. Pre-customer contact

2. Prospecting

3. Initial contact

4. Presentation of company / product

5. Handle the objectives

6. Close the sale

7. Suggestions / improvements

8. Sales follow up

These are certain steps and measures in sales promotions:

Pre-customer contact: This step is known as make the customer aware about the event, launch of any event, programs so that customers will be prepared according to the situation and also the company will be prepared well before the activities which is a part of creative selling process.

Prospecting the customers: By this strategy company become able to generate the leads and achieve the success. It helps in contact with the customer for further deals and further process. It also helps in achieving the target which is a part of sales promotion.

Initial contacts: it helps the company in contacting the customer means to maintain the customers with their contact number’s to maintain the customer’s with all their necessary information for updates and for follow-up’s and then approach the customer becomes very easy when you have the leads and when you have prepared those leads then your work starts up for making a call to those customers whom you feel is potential and beneficial for your ways and for you.

Giving the presentation: How you present him with your necessary information and with all the particular attraction to your customer will make them feel satisfied with your presentation.

Handling objectives: When you provide all the necessary information in your presentation to the customer he will ask to resolve his query so how you maintain and handle the calls and resolve his issues will matter lot.

Closing: It is depend on your skill how you close the sale.

Suggestions / Improvements: ask with the customer whether the product made him satisfied or not? Whether our company successfully helped him in his needs or not?

Following: when you end up the call by closing the sale then your step do not ends or finished because you again have one more step to follow up the customer for service.

Suppose if the customer have entered the showroom of car to purchase Mercedes BMW color Black for his personal uses and the receptionist in this showroom have taken all the necessary details about the customer when he walked into the showroom then he got an appointment to meet with the sales people and the sales people give him with all the necessary details, with all the relevant information’s, maintain the customer, manage him with all the positive energy, provide him with all the necessary information’s and data, resolve all his queries and make him feel he is on the right way, to retain him all seconds, attend him with full energy so that the case can get closed and can deal with the customer. But the company followed all the values and culture to define this mission to achieve the success and to make the customer feel good about the company, to make the customer feel that he is comfortable and can really believe in the great success of the company. thus creative selling process helps in the achievement of high profits.