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Buying Situation

The products not only differ but the buying situation also differs. Even the buying situation differs. Each time the buyer is to take a purchase decision, it may or may not be the same as the previous one. There are different situations of buying and the buyer does face with all the situations of buying situation. There are two buying situation and differentiation between the two buying situations may be caused by the absence of any or all of the following factors. For example there are several factors which are listed below:

1. The product awareness and also the awareness of competing brands in a product group.

2. The decision and choice of the customer matters a lot and customer has a decision criterion and

3. Customer is able to evaluate and decide on his choice of product.

Viewed against these parameters ,one may observe that it is not the product that differentiates one buying situation from another; rather it is the time that the buyer spends in learning and evaluating the alternatives or finally selecting one of them .Howard and Sheth have described these buying situations as being. Howard and Sheath have described the situations of buying in three criteria which are as follows:

1. Routines response behavior situation

2. Limited problem solving situation and

3. Extensive problem solving situation

1. Routines Response Behavior or Straight Rebuy

This is a buying situation which is also known as straight Rebuy and it is characterized by the presence of all the above three criteria for differentiation .In other and different words for your better understanding, here the customers are aware of his or her choices, the customer knows what he is looking for, as his or her decision, what exactly is his need and which is based on personal experience of either self or others might be relatives, friends or the customer have heard about it that is known to be called as good word of mouth.

Generally, the customers spend little or no time choosing alternatives of the product and the substitutes of the product .Brand loyalty is relatively higher here. Moreover, this is a buying situation where a customer perceives a low risk in buying the product and/or the brand. If we take an example or we considers the typical shopping behavior of a housewife .She goes to the grocery shop or a supermarket and spends much less time in selecting her toiletries ,beverages like tea or coffee and other food products. For each time she goes to buy the things for family requirements and needs, she generally finishes up buying the same brand.

2. Limited problem solving:

This is an example of a product where there is an introduction of new product or there is a launch of new product. This type of product offers a change and gives the consumer with new taste and new preference. This buying situation is generally a period basis of trial period in which the customers try and trial with new products and feel something new.

When we talk about limited problem solving situation it also talks about the modified Rebuy which says that if a person spends some time in evaluation of a new product against the old one and then he decides to try it we conclude that for that person it was a limited problem solving or a modified Rebuy situation. For example: if customer is perceiving risk then the company also thinks about some changes and some beliefs. Like Hindustan Unilever decided to introduce liquid toilet soap under its most popular brand which is known as LUX. It requires a considerable effort that is known to call as it requires a trial method to apply like if you have entered a showroom of MARUTI SUZUKI, you have to a Maruti car and for your level of satisfaction as it is new to you and something different which you are using for a first time, you will require a test drive for the purchase of that car and you will demand for it from the company MARUTI and the sales person will agree to you as the sales person felt that you can complete his one target which is getting and as per the rules and regulations of the company, he will talk to the manager and will take the permission from the manager for providing you with a test drive which a manager has permitted and you have given the test drive to him from which he will decide about the buying of the car which is one example of limited buying situation.

3. Extensive problem solving:

This shows that the buyer has no past experience for the product and he is totally new to buy this product which requires some and extensive efforts for a buyer to decide about the product purchase.