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Brand Personality:

By placing a brand in a social context it gains social meaning by association. Slice of life advertisement depicts an ideal usage situation for the brand. The social context surrounding the brand rubs off and gives the brand a social meaning. Consumers may of course reject, or significantly alter that meaning, but often they accept it. Think about it. You put the brand into a social setting and transfer meaning from that social setting to the brand. Think about them, how they work. Evaluation of slice of life ads is typically done through tracking studies that measure attitudes, beliefs, and preferences; pre-/ post exposure tests; communication tests; and focus groups.

Brand personality is a belief for a consumer who are loyal and stick to a brand and prefer only that single brand because they have high belief in that brand like for example if a consumer is preferring dairy milk Cadbury’s brand and the consumer have strong love and emotional touch with that brand. When the same consumer once tried another brand of chocolates that is Nestle, the consumer felt that Cadbury is much better and special compare to other brand. This defines that the taste, the preferences, the brand advertisement, the personality which you are using for creating the awareness and belief of the brand.

Madonna has an image; Michael Jordan has an image; so do Prada and Pepsi. Even fictional characters such as the wildly popular Harry potter have images. Just like people brand have images and so called brand personality.

Brand personality has various characteristic like they should be sincere, excited, competitive, sophisticated and ruggedness and always down to earth.

The brand ambassador Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, famous personality represents the pen of Parker. This gives and provides the professional outlook and present a high professional touch as well shows the very ambitious career. It also helps in signing a special contract or deal on time and meetings with high professionals on time.

Nike is a best footwear brand represented by the great personality who is famous and well known in sports Mr. Lebron James proves that this brand gives lot of comfort and high personality in terms of achievements and performance as well in believing the point of success and measure the amount of objectivities and goals.

Brand personality basically derives the brand in terms of human characteristics. It is the image, the picture which is shown to the consumer in front of the people by making them feel the significance of its brand image and they should be aware of its real picture which is friendly which gives consumer a peace, a satisfaction, an idea of the product just by having the personality in front of them.

It is the perception of the consumer and that image is known as the brand image. In fact the brand personality should very well and clearly define so that it can express and say to the viewers that the brand personality is of a real person. One should use a simple language and create a picture of that personality which should be clear to everyone. The communication which is done should be proper. Like for example we can take an example of REID AND TAYLOR”BOND WITH THE BEST” is very beautifully defined by the fabulous personality Amitabh Bachan who is trustworthy and the brand defines the trust.

HSBC bank presents very premium segment which is a good brand and the customers who are in this bank is very selective and the monthly bank balance is more than one lakhs and there are high level of customers.

In terms of car and from the point of vehicle, Honda city is the most preferable as it is recommended by most business people, doctors and engineers and it is a very luxurious brand in which the CRV Honda gives a very smart personality and look of one’s image. It itself brings out energy with lot of passion and gives soothing and better atmospheric environment.

In terms of watch, titan is most preferable and it gives high beliefs in the minds of the consumer. It always maintains the relationship between two people who are closely attached to each other and also helps in signing a special contract or deal on time and meetings with high professionals on time. Mega star Mr. Aamir khan have played a role in Titan by being the brand ambassador of this beautiful high quality watch as he have reflected a very good image in the audience by his career in Bollywood industry and this gave a positive feedback to the customer of titan and to the lovers of this brand.

Rahul Sharma have been signed the contract for the greatest ambassador of the hotel Taj which says that this hotel provides a great tradition with all the music as Mr. Rahul is a musician and believes in innovations, creativity, love, spirituality and many more. So Taj will represent the nature by the composition of Rahul.