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In "Your Business Idea: The Quest for Value", Robert Rainsford was introduced in the FRANK'S ALL-AMERICAN BARBEQUE case. He has returned to the family business and is very enthusiastic about expanding the business. He has identified four options:

(a) expanding the restaurant either at its current site or elsewhere in Fairfield;

(b) opening several similar-sized restaurants in nearby towns;

(c) using the Internet to expand sales; and

(d) expanding the sales of Frank's sauces from a local store to a regional supermarket chain.

Any one of these ideas would represent a change from his father's business model. Given that he had not expressed any interest in the management of the business, how should he go about approaching his father with these ideas? If the company expands, should Robert approach his sister and her husband about taking a more active role in the business? What should their roles be?

Reference no: EM131183741

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