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You are a Systems Analyst on a new development project to build a Web-based inventory control system at a toy company called Jumpin' Jack Flash Inc. The owner of the company, Mr. Keith Richards, wants to obtain the system the way the company traditionally obtains systems: in-house custom-built. You have found two COTS software packages that you believe will meet most system requirements. The project team is split between building in-house and buying a COTS product. Mr. Richards wants you to present information that will help the company make a decision.


1. You shall write a business memo (400 words max) to the owner of the company that: 

2.Provides two references for COTS Web-based inventory system software packages (if found on the Web provide name of package plus link to site; if not found on Web reference properly)

3.States your position on which strategy the company should take (in-house vs. COTS) 

4. The references for the COTS packages can be Web sites (provide links). 

Reference no: EM13910759

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