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For this assignment you need to choose an organisation (based in UK preferably) that has undergone some significant change. This could be an organisation that you work for, or it could be an organisation that you have read about. If you are not sure what organisation to choose contact your tutor to discuss this.

When you have chosen this organisation you are required to write a report (maximum 1500 words) answering the following questions:
1.Identify at least six internal and external factors that meant the organisation needed to change?
2.Explain at least three ways in which the change impacted on the organisation’s business.
3.What were the main factors involved in the change process. Include at least 4 factors?
4.Compare and contrast three different approaches that could have been used to managing the change.
5.Compare and contrast three different behavioural responses that people might have demonstrated when experiencing the change
6.Explain at least three ways in which HR could have supported individuals during the organisational change
7.Ensure that you include a brief description of the organisation.

This assignment has been designed to assess the following learning outcomes:
1.Understand why organisations need to change, and how change affects organisations
2.Understand the key factors involved in the change process and different approaches to managing change
3.Understand the impact of change on employees and the role of human resources

Reference no: EM13977332

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