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1. The stock of Gandaki Ltd. (GL) performs relatively well as compared to other stocks during recessionary periods. The stock of Tanahu Ltd. (TL), on the other hand, does well during growth periods. You assess the rupee return (Dividend plus price) of these stocks for next year as follows: 

Economic Condition 
High Growth low Growth Stagnation Recession 
Probability 0.3 0.4 0.2 0.1 
Return on Gandaki’s Stock (Rs.) 100 110 120 140 
Return on Tanahu’s Stock (Rs.) 150 130 90 60 

Both stocks are currently selling for Rs. 100 per share. Assume that you want to buy 10 shares of GL, calculate the expected return and standard deviation of the same. (10+15) 

Reference no: EM131668594

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