You are a newly recruited human resources officer at a

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You are a newly recruited Human Resources Officer at a large regional financial institution. The organisation is placing a great emphasis on service excellence and is promoting this in order to strengthen its service culture. You have been charged with the responsibility of recruiting a new management team of Team Leaders for the financial institution.

The Team Leaders for the financial institution will be responsible for up to 50 employees (at each location). Team Leaders will be responsible for achieving budgets; acquiring and maintaining retail as well as business banking customers.

Locations: China, Singapore; New Zealand; Hong Kong; Philippines; Malaysia; India; Indonesia; South Korea; Thailand; Taiwan; Australia.

Duties include: Developing strategies to maintain customer base; develop and recommend policies and procedures that promote and strengthen service excellence and ‘a can do' service culture.

Team Leaders are require to be part of; and contribute to area and regional teams in developing business objectives and strategies.

Team Leaders report to the President, Asia-Pacific through their Area Managers.

Complete the following tasks in order to recruit the appropriate staff.


Task 1 - Job Description

Write a job description for the team leader position.

Task 2 - Job Advertisement

Write a job advertisement for the position.


Task 3 - The Selection Interview Panel

3.1 List and justify the persons on the selection interview panel and

3.2 write the interview questions

Task 4 - Performance Management review

Design a performance appraisal record for use in a performance appraisal interview.

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Reference no: EM13375947

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