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1. Start your feedback with an affirmative or positive comment and include something you genuinely appreciated about your colleague's Assignment.

Example: "Toni, it seems you spent a great deal of time on this Assignment. I really appreciate your attention to detail!"

2. Ask clarifying questions rather than jumping to conclusions.
Example: "I notice that you wrote ‘I think Lincoln was the worst American President ever,' and I was wondering if you could clarify your thinking."

3. Use your "I" statements and focus your feedback on your thoughts rather than interspersing your feedback with words such as "you" and "your," which might seem like a personal attack.
Example: "In reading your Assignment, I find that I do not agree with this stance on abortion. Let me explain my thoughts."

4. If you fear that your response might be misunderstood, revise it before submitting it.

5. Conclude your feedback on a positive note so the last comment your colleague reads from you is supportive.
Example: "Though it seems we are in disagreement on a few points, I think your Assignment was done exceptionally well with a great deal of detail."

6. Before submitting your feedback, read what you wrote out loud and make sure it is both critical and supportive.

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Reference no: EM131411958

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