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Writting a paper on describe the view of what i seen of nature when, i walked outside. I had to Consider using my five senses: see, smell, touch, taste, hear. Please correct my grammar, and make my paper flow better, and give it a good conclusion 

Today, I woke up at 9:00 am to get ready for my 11:00 am class. I did my morning routine of showering, getting dress, cooking breakfast, and eating. After doing my morning routine, I grabbed, back pack and all of my school work. When I walked out of the front door, I noticed that it was raining hard. As, I walked to my car I noticed that it was very cold, the clouds were greyish looking, and the air smelled crisp, and fresh. Just before getting to my car, I looked around and notice the grass across the street was light brown, and it looked very bright, even though it was dreary outside. Finally getting into my car, and heading toward my school, I notice that there not that much traffic; if any.

When finally, got to my class, looking outside the windows inside, I noticed that outside looked like a painting; the tree adjacent to the building over seemed to blend in, creating a painting like feel that just, brought out the surrounding area

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