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Written Assignment on Ethics - Your Personal Ethical Plan It seems that the emphasis on money is becoming more and more a priority as part of our daily lives, second to values and relationships. Employees will often face the challenges to differentiate themselves in the market place. There will be a lot of pressure on getting the job done and closing the sale, especially in a down economy. "Do whatever it takes, or Failure is not an option" may often times be echoed by many, either directly or indirectly. In many cases, certain behaviors may be legal, but not ethical, especially in foreign countries, further making this gray area bigger. How can you make sure that in the future you will not compromise the good morals and ethics you have and that you have been taught? This is often easier said than done. Outline a plan. You may discuss anything that is relevant to helping you maintain your good morals/ethics. You can use personal values, ethical concepts from the book, laws regarding domestic/international business practices, stories you have heard about others, etc., as a tool to help you stay ethical. I want you to think about how you can ensure that you will stay ethical/moral. So many people that were once very ethical/moral are behind bars in jail today! Please before you email me any questions, this is a very easy topic and the directions are very clear, reread it. If you still have questions, I always welcome them :) The following will be strictly enforced for grading: How will you stay ethical? You will be graded so please address this, I don't want just theories on being ethical, I want your plan to ensure that you stay ethical and don't change course for the wrong direction. I am very flexible in what your plan calls for. Do you have children? Being a good role model may be one reason. Did someone cheat you and you lost a lot and know the impact from this? That may be a good reason. Do you have certain religious beliefs? That may be a reason. There are numerous ones that I can list, these are just some examples to help you think. Please Write: 4 pages 12 point font (Times or New Roman) 1.5 space No space between paragraphs. Grammar, spelling and punctuation, please check this. 

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