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Write up on restaurant operations. Someone who has hotel management experience.

We are working on a project to launch a restaurant that would serve food made from organic food only.

Write up 3-4 page on how the entire restaurant operation will run.


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The restaurant operations is a unique set of operations in itself, in the sense that it involves a large number of complex activities to be conducted and at the most it is the service industry, wherein the guest satisfaction is the primary. The hotel is known for the restaurants and the success or failure of the hotels is also largely dependent on the hotels which it operates.

It is very important for the restaurant to operate in the best possible manner so as to ensure that there is highest level of guest satisfaction and the overall success of the hotel together. With the integration of the hotels operations to the restaurant the overall achievement of the vision and mission can be rightly undertaken. One can ensure that there is highest level of customer satisfaction when the best hotel services are implemented.

The restaurants are known for a wide range of activities, the primary of them being the food. However there are various other secondary and ancillary activities which do constitute an important part of the entire hotel management. The restaurant is required to take care of all these in a detailed manner so as to ensure that the best results are obtained for the hotel as a whole. We shall discuss some of them in details in the next paragraphs.

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