Write the second name of the author with the year

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Beside the summary of article write the second name of the author with the year (second name, year)

I. References: References to the article should be given as follows:

Newspaper- Author, title of the article, name of the newspaper, date of publication

Magazine- Author, Title of the article, name of the magazine, month, vol.& issue no., pp. no.

Journal - Author, (year of publication), title of the article, name of the journal, month, vol. & issue no., pp. no.

Book- Author, (year of publication), name of the book, publisher

Internet - Author, (year of publication or year you saw the article on net), title of the article, website URL sited on date.

Article- The role of customer satisfaction in achieving business excellence by DRAGO DUBROVSKI.

Reference no: EM131007954

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