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Find on your chosen locality (Philadelphia city) in preparation for the Paper.

To do this perform secondary data analysis by the US Census Bureau's American Fact Finder.

Identify the various social and characteristics (i.e., education, population, race, gender, income, etc.) of this locale.

Also government websites your state, county or city for data. Then, identify findings of social or social inequality found in this locale highlighted in the reading in the text, Sociology: Beyond Common Sense.

Your demographic report should follow the following structure:

• Introduction (including the locality and general socio-economic on your locality)
• At least five body paragraphs the social or economic and specific data for the locality (please state both numbers and if available)
• At least two body describing any findings that you have to social stratification and social inequality (use your text, Sociology: Beyond Sense as reference).
• Conclusion (summarize the -economic status of your locality based your findings and related discussions on social and social inequality )
Reference page.

The paper must be seven to ten pages in length and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least five resources from the Census website.

Must use text to your work on social stratification and inequality.

Reference no: EM131143696

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