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The liquid-phase irreversible reaction A B is carried out in a CSTR. To learn the rate law, the residence time, t is varied and the effluent concentrations of species A are measured. Pure A enters the reactor at a concentration of 7.5 mol/liter in all the runs given below. Run 1 2 3 4 t (min) 1 15 30 100 CA (mol/lit) 3.2 0.72 0.46 0.21

a. Write the mole balance for the CSTR where an nth order equation is taking place (in terms of concentrations and residence time).

b. Show how you will plot the above data to obtain a straight line, and thus determine the reaction order (n) and reaction rate constant k.

c. Plot the data on the paper provided and find n and k by the method you describe in step b.

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