Write the international marketing plan for any chosen brand
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Write The International Marketing Plan For Any Chosen Brand From Singapore That Is Planning To Expand Its Operations In Korea. Describe How the Company Researches and Assures That the New Country’s Market Penetration Is Beneficial for It or Not. Use The Tools Of The Knowledge Of International Marketing. Analyze If It Can Partner With Another Good Korean Brand For Its Marketing. 


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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Company Background 4
PESTEL Analysis 5
Political 5
Economic 5
Social 6
Technological 7
Environmental 7
Legal 8
SWOT Analysis 9
Strengths 9
Weaknesses 9
Opportunities 9
Threats 10
Marketing Strategy 10
Product 10
Promotion 10
Place 11
Price 11
Conclusion 12
References 12



The report is projected on the evaluation of the South Korean market as a prospect for international business and the analysis the market for the same. It recommends an international marketing strategy for the foreign brand Twelve Cupcakes from Singapore, which is intending to enter the Korean market. All in all, the report shall evaluate the selected target market, gauge its Suitability and provide relevant entry-recommendations, keeping in mind the marketing mix that should be considered for international marketing. There is a good amount of application of the acquired international marketing concepts (Chimngamsert, Jhundra-indra, and Raksong, 2014). A Pestle analysis of South Korea is conducted that will help the reader to decide the suitability of the macro level factors of the business. It will help to understand what factors in the country could influence Twelve Cupcakes once they enter their market from that of Singapore. South Korea has a favourable support from the US thus benefiting it economically and politically.

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