Write the full outline below

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Write the full outline below and the topic will be about effects of video games and has to be the information from .gov website and it has to be from Scholarly journal, magazine & newspaper articles.

Prepare 5 to 7 mints speech.

Attachment:- Informative Outline Checklist.rar

Reference no: EM131251868

Perfectly competitive market with the demand function

Consider the perfectly competitive market with the demand function Q(p)=1-p. Every firm has the cost function C(Q)=1/128 + Q^2/2. What are the long run equilibrium price, quan

Explain what is meant by a risk-free rate

How do statisticians typically measure GDP in service sectors (reading previous chapters may help answer this). Why are fees traditionally important. Why do fees not help in

Steps involved in muscle contraction

Please describe three mechanisms (problems) that could inhibit or disrupt the process of muscle contraction. Think about the process and the steps involved in muscle contracti

Motivating government employees

The problem traced was the antiquated pay-for-performance system,introduced in 1990, the system allowed 5 percent annual salaryincreases for the consecutive 8 years within the

Analytic philosophy uniquely american movements

How are pragmatism and analytic philosophy uniquely American movements? And what ideas make American pragmatics and analytics different from the way Europeans of the same peri

What are interagency workgroups to which the speaker refers

What are the "interagency workgroups" to which the speaker refers, and what is their role? Where can one go to find a complete overview of each Healthy People 2020 objective?

Physical property and chemical property

Define the terms “physical property” and “chemical property” as they pertain to crime scene investigations. What properties, physical or chemical, in glass and soil specimens

The rotation about bonds in a protein backbone

Rotation around the bond between the carbonyl carbon and nitrogen is restricted. Other bonds are free to rotate depending only on steric hindrance or the presence of proline


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