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Write the DB assignment.

Given the case 3 (under BUSI 304);

BUSI 304

Read "Case 3: International Comparisons - Where Else Might We Have Gone?" on page 79 of the course textbook and respond to the following questions:

To what extent do you think the crafting of the Affordable Care Act relied on experiences in other countries? Can you think of examples of policies or countries that may have been influential?

Your Main Response: Each thread must be no less than 300 words and no more than 500 words, demonstrating course-related knowledge. Additionally, the thread must cite at least 2 peer-reviewed sources, include at least 1 biblical integration, and follow current APA formatting guidelines.

HLTH 485 - DB must be 500 words, 2 references, 1 Bible verse, in APA format
Topic: Past, Present, and Future Contributions

Thread: Many individuals have contributed in the discovery, understanding, and explanation of illness, injury, and death. For example: discovery of microscopic organisms, later called microbes, bacteria, and microorganisms; and advanced chemistry and histology which influenced advances in the study and control of diseases in epidemiology.

Of these discoveries, select 1 that is of interest to you and explain the implications that it has on human health.

Discuss the role that increasing life expectancy over the last century has on the types of diseases and conditions affecting mankind.

INFO 305 -DB must be 300 words, 2 references, in APA format
Evidence-based practice (EBP), knowledge transformation, information vs. knowledge

Question/Prompt: How are various evidence-based practice (EBP) models used to achieve the goal of knowledge transformation? This topic expands on the information you have read concerning information vs. knowledge. Why and how must knowledge be transformed to be relevant, useful, and accessible to improve health outcomes through EBP?

Reference no: EM131199316

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