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You are to write a 2 pg. double-spaced reflection report on Dr. George Yancy's keynote talk that you are required to attend on Friday October 23, 2015 at 4:30 pm. in Sears Recital Hall. You must also connect his talk with any of our readings in class.

Dr. George Yancy's keynote address

1. Published work on the trayvon martin case

2. Hope

3. Courageous speech

4. Absolute sense of urgency

5. Give examples of white peope talking about black people and then goes on to ask " how does it feel to be black and talk about"

6. White identities and clicks that we refer to blacks

7. Blacks sometimes ask themselves what exactly am I? "Why do black people also picked".

8. Whites talk about try to convince blacks that they are not racist when talking to be on their good side

9. Lynching overkill and economy of white desire kill hung set on fire, cut in the abdominal, baby fell out made one sound then the baby was stepped on the head

10. Plato says black people say intelligent things but they do not know what they are saying.

Dr. George Yancyis an influential African American philosopher; he has 20 more works published literary pieces. He studied in both Yale and New York University; he spent many years receiving education.

Reference no: EM13861042

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