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Assessment type: personal reflection

Assignment objectives

To personally reflect on learning and evidence academic skills development

Assignment details

Write a personal reflection on your first semester in college. Reflect on the following topics:
- Your induction and integration into DBS
- The, Library, research referencing skills you have acquired
- Essay writing
- Your personal academic goals
- Your learning style
Provide example where appropriate

I would like you to include in this assignment the information's I wrote below

-your induction and integration into DBS

On induction day, they introduce to us our program and they did ice breaking, there was only few people from our class and in pairs we said few words about each other and then we introduce to all group the person we spoke with. On the end they show us the library.

- The, library research referencing skills you have acquired

I learn APA style referencing, I have learned how to do proper internet research

- Essay writing

It's still very hard for me to write in English, it's still takes me very long time and that understating my confidence, from my first test in class from sociology that was in form of essay writing I got only 30 % and by that I have very low self-esteem, English it's my second language and I trying to say to myself that I can improve it but I'm afraid that I will fail the subject

- Your personal academic goals

My goals is to start doing voluntary work, improve my writing skills , get more confident

- Your learning style

Reference no: EM13923125

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