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In week 2, students will submit a research plan, explaining how they plan to collect and analyze their data. They should include a definition of their main concept(s) based on prior research (with appropriate citation of outside sources), and a hypothesis or research question.Students planning to conduct an analysis of existing documents should describe their sample in detail, explain how they decided on it, and identify the sampling strategy they are using. They should also include a sample coding sheet that they are planning to use to record their observations.

Research Topic: Americans with Disabilities Act & Employment

Description of Topic: Investigating the Relationship between the Americans with Disabilities Act and the declining rate of employment for people with disabilities since 1990.

Research Method: Content Analysis of Existing Documents; To investigate changes in a segment of the disabled population, I will perform content analysis and use the data derived from it to provide an overview of information.

Reference no: EM13943226

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