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Essay Topic: Address one of the following topics:

1) The term "Hinduism" covers an extremely diverse range of beliefs and practices. Should we consider Hinduism to be a single religion or a convenient term used to lump together multiple religions? In forming your answer, assess the similarities and differences between Hindu traditions and articulate whether you think the similarities outweigh the differences or the differences outweigh the similarities.

2) All Hindus believe in reincarnation and in each tradition they seek to free themselves from this cycle of life, death and rebirth. Explain reincarnation and the different Hindu responses to it.

For both essays, I expect you to make a thesis statement and to defend it with concrete details (be sure to get the details right). I often get papers with evidence and no argument or an argument with no evidence. What I want from you is to present accurate information and explain to me why it is meaningful and how it supports your claim. I do not care how you structure your essay (the standard introduction, body and conclusion is unnecessary). When citing the reading, (author, page number) will suffice.

To be most persuasive, remember to always have a critical voice in your head, so that you clearly spell out your arguments and consider counterarguments and other possibilities. Because it is only one page, get right to the point. To write well, you need to consider both what to include and what to leave out. Make sure everything that you are saying answers the question being asked. It is also better to say a few things well than a lot of things superficially. What matters to me is that you make a good case!

The papers will be graded according to the following criteria:

1) Critical Comprehension: Does the paper demonstrate clear understanding of the given topic and critical analysis of key aspects of that topic?

2) Sole and Conventions: Does the paper use correct grammar and syntax, paragraph and sentence structure, strong and varied use of vocabulary, and a tone and voice appropriate to academic work?

3) Organkation, Argument and Evidence: Is the paper clearly organized? Does it make a compelling or creative case for its position, supported by sufficient arguments and evidence?

In other words, do you know what you are talking about? Can you write professionally? Can you make a compelling case for your position?

Reference no: EM131377546

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