Write on role of shamanism in developed religious traditions
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About your term paper:

The term paper should be a 6 to 8 page research paper. The best topic for your term paper is something about which you are excited. You may choose something from the list of suggestions provided on the back of this sheet, or you may choose something you've thought of on your own. In either case, your topic should be something related to Asian religious traditions that interests you, something about these traditions that puzzles or fascinates you, or something about them that you feel strongly about. The paper should present some background information on your chosen topic, show its relevance to a particular religious tradition, and discuss the overall significance of the topic to you. If you choose to write a paper on a particular individual, you have to do more than just tell the story of their life. You should place their life in the context of their religious tradition and show how this person exemplifies the tradition to which they belong. Remember that you need to have at least three non-internet sources listed on your bibliography. These should be texts prepared for publication and can include books (including our main textbook), articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, or encyclopedias. Citing internet sources is allowed, but don't confine yourself to these. Please be sure to include a bibliography. Use whatever style formatting you prefer - no specific format style is required. There are a lot of good books on religion in the collection at Hamersly library. You can also make use of the Summit system to borrow books from other Northwest libraries (allow 5 to 7 days for Summit books to arrive).

Figures who might make for an interesting biographical topic:

Gandhi The Dalai Lama Ashoka Sri Aurobindo Thich Nhat Hanh

Some Suggested Term Paper Topics:

• The role of shamanism in developed religious traditions.
• The role of meditative practices in religious traditions.
• The relationship between philosophy and religion.
• The role of sacrifice in Eastern religious traditions.
• The nature of piety in Eastern religious traditions.
• The monastic life in Eastern religions.
• Types of deities in Eastern religions.
• Gender issues in Eastern religions.
• Spiritual masters in Eastern religious traditions.
• The origin of the world in Eastern religious traditions.
• Reincarnation in Eastern religious traditions.
• Magical elements of Eastern religious traditions.
• Holidays and festivals in Eastern religious traditions.
• Art and architecture in Eastern religious traditions.
• Rituals in Eastern religious traditions.
• Worship and prayer in Eastern religious traditions.
• Asceticism in Eastern religions.
• Rites of passage in Eastern religions.
• Martial arts and religion.

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