Write mass balance equation for an ideal 1d plug-flow stream

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Write the mass balance equation for an ideal 1D plug-flow stream under steady state conditions with a first-order decaying substance. Solve for the concentration as a function of the concentration x=0, the rate constant kd, longitudinal distance x, and mean velocity u. Assume the rate constant for BOD decay is 0.2 d^-1, the mean velocity of the stream is 0.5 m s^-1, and the initial concentration is 100 mg L^-1 at x=0. Plot the resulting concentration with downstream distance x in km.

Reference no: EM13302541

Calculate head supplied by the pump draw hgl and egl for

Water from a lower reservoir (water surface elevation) 500 m is pumping to the upper reservoir (water surface elevation 600 m) through a 5000 m long straight pipe with 0.5 m d

What is the magnitude of the average force exerted

A carpenter uses a hammer to strike a nail. Approximate the hammer's weight of 1.8lbs, as being concentrated at the head, and assume that at impact the head is traveling in

The peak time is 1 hour and the recession times is 2 hours

Route a trianglular hydrograph through a 100 foot wide rectangular channel with a bed slope of 0.015 and a Mannings n of 0.035.  Take a distance between cross-sections of 3000

Calculate the fluid viscosity of a plane couette flow

Considering a plane Couette flow, the gap between the plates is 1 mm. One plate is fixed and the other is moving at 10 cm/s. If the measured shear stress is 1.34 Pa, calcula

Wide concrete rectangular channel

Problem: The 100-m-long 3.5-m-wide concrete rectangular channel shown in Figure 1 has a Manning's n= 0.012 and a bottom slope of S0 = 0.001. The channel entrance is rounded an

How many days will be required for fill construction

A 10,000 cubic yards fill along a forest road right of waywill be compacted using grid rollers to a unit weight of 120 poundsper foot cubed. the fill material will be hauled t

What is significant difference between free jets and flows

What is the most significant difference between "free" jets and flows in confined structures (nozzles, pipes, etc.) in terms of formulation of force terms ÓF(i.e. left hand

Estimate the ground- level concentration at a distance

A point source with effective stack height of 50 m emits 80 g/s of on a clear summer day with surface winds at 4 m/s. Winds at 50 m are 5 m/s. An inversion layer starts at a


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