Write in iambic pentameter

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To play the "sonnet game," as Shakespeare and Spenser laid out the rules, you must (check ALL that apply)

-write a poem consisting of 14 lines

-write in iambic pentameter

-adhere to a rhyme scheme

-conclude with a rhyming couplet in alexandrines.

Reference no: EM131090752

Congress imposed an excess profits tax

During the energy crisis of the 1970s, and again in the last 5 years, Congress bemoaned the “price gouging” and “windfall” profits of the major oil companies. In the 1970s Con

Explain what kind of preferences would lead to refusal

Let’s assume there are only two goods: food and money. The price of food is $4 per unit and the price of money is $1 per unit. Draw the budget set of a low income person with

Explain why bundle of goods cannot be optimal

Explain why a bundle of goods cannot be optimal (i.e., why some other bundle must be a better choice) if the marginal rate of substitution (MRS) at this point is not equal to

Utility function-find the equilibrium quantities

Consider the utility function U(x, y) = x3y2 with the price of X equal to 3 and the price of Y equal to 4. Income devoted to the purchase of x and y is $36. Find the equilibri

What are the values of the output and the interest rate

What are the values of the output and the interest rate in 1999 when the money supply is 900? Sketch the AD curve and show what happens when the money supply is decreased belo

Graph the old equilibrium price and quantity

During the last year, the demand for books has been falling. At the same time, some industry observers expected that several smaller book manufacturers might exit the market d

Increase production in economy with specialized resources

If prices increase for an export good and provide an incentive to increase production in an economy with specialized resources, will the higher price always outweigh the incre

Excluded from state income taxes and federal income taxes

Suppose that your employer offered you $4,000 in cash instead of health insurance coverage. Health insurance is excluded from state income taxes and federal income taxes. How


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