Write essay on gangster and how are they affecting community
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Write an essay on Gangsters and how are they affecting the community.

Persuasive essay structure


In the introduction you introduce the issue, perhaps using a theme statement and then state your opinion using a thesis statement.

Body paragraph 1.

In the first body paragraph you state your first claim and then back it up using evidence. Your evidence can be research based, experiences you've had, conversations with friends, etc. The more evidence you have, the stronger your argument will be. For each claim you make, you should have at least two pieces of evidence to support it.

Body paragraph 2.

In this paragraph, state your second claim and two pieces of evidence supporting it.

Call to Action (optional)

In this paragraph, you tell the reader what he or she can do to support your argunment

Counter argument

In this paragraph, you begin with a counter and end with a refutation (or rebuttal).


In this paragraph, you restate your thesis using different words and then make a general theme statement about the importance of your opinion.

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