Write essay in which you argue that aparticular zombie story

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Write an essay in which you argue that aparticular zombie story (film, book, videogame, etc.) reflects and/or comments on three specific elements of contemporary culture.

For example, you might choose to base your argument on The Walking Dead. How does The Walking Dead address issues and concerns of contemporary culture? What does the nature of the zombies have to say about the fears, anxieties, and (possibly) desires of our time period? What decisions do the "living" in the story have to make, and how do those decisions likewise seem to respond to issues that we are facing in society? Make sure that you include three specific aspects of culture, such as fear of government, gender roles, anxieties about overpopulation, etc. You will almost certainly want to choose a zombie story created since 2000, since that is "our" current culture.

Reference no: EM13872664

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