Write essay for tenth annual creative writing prose contest
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Write an essay for 10th Annual Creative Writing Prose Contest.

The EFSC Palm Bay Campus Communications Department invites you to enter the 10th Annual Creative Writing Prose Contest for narrative non-fiction and short fiction. The top three winners will receive their awards at the Palm Bay Campus Spring Poetry Slam on April 20.


• Only EFSC Palm Bay students may participate

• Submit one work of fiction or narrative non-fiction. A maximum of 1.000 words. typed double spaced. 12-point standard font

• Place your name, phone number and B number. along with the title of your work and the genre - fiction or non-fiction - on an attached cover sheet

• Place title, fiction/non-fiction designation. and page numbers in your story. but not your name

• Paste the cove? page and story into the email and attach both in one Word document or Rich Text Format file.

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