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Write a Draft and Synthesizing Essay paper about the Importance of Being Earnest and Pygmalion.

I would like the same person to do both the draft and the final essay. 500 word draft/ 750 or more final essay.

Details below.

This first draft should be at least 500 words long. Try to meet the requirements for the final draft as best as you can and submit an essay that you feel is as close to finished as possible so that the feedback you receive is more likely to be useful. But do not be overly concerned with issues related to proofreading and editing at this point.

For your fourth essay, you are to write a synthesizing essay. By the end of this week, please compose an essay in which you synthesize material from The Importance of Being Earnest and Pygmalion AND use, one of these authors who specifically speak about virtues and ethics. Especially David Hume, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, Emmanuel Levinas, and Paul Ricoeur. The purpose of your fourth essay is to help your readers understand the differences among the views of three of the philosophers as described by van Hooft by referring to the actions of specific characters in The Importance of Being Earnest and Pygmalion. In other words, for each philosopher you decide to focus on, find one or two characters in either or both of these plays that seem to embody the views and beliefs of that philosopher and explain those views and beliefs by showing them in action in the play(s). Although you do not have to find a relevant character in both plays for each philosopher you write about, you should discuss at least one character from each play in your paper.

Title. Create an effective title for your essay.

Introduction and Thesis Statement. Be sure to gain your readers' attention with the very first sentence of your introduction. Please craft a "good closed-form introductions." The last sentence of your introduction should be your thesis statement. Please use a thesis statement that has tension and contains a "surprising reversal." For this assignment, the tension should arise because, once again, you are "gripped with a problem". "Someone gives you a question that you can't yet answer." I'm asking each of you, "Is it possible to explain the differences among three of the philosophers discussed by van Hooft in a way that is clear and easy to understand?" I'm requiring you to answer this question, "Yes!" The challenge you face is to find the character(s) from one or the other or both plays who best seems to embody the principles and beliefs and values of your chosen philosophers as those philosophers are described by van Hooft. Do not do any additional research about any of these philosophers. You must base your discussion of these philosophers only on van Hooft's discussion of them. The tension that everyone will exploit in writing his or her thesis will probably come from saying something like this: "Although it may seem that you have to be a philosopher yourself to grasp fully what van Hooft means in his descriptions of Hume, Sartre, and Levinas [or whichever three you choose], in fact, understanding the differences among these three philosophers becomes quite easy once you recognize how their ideas are embodied in different characters in Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest and Shaw's Pygmalion." You could go on to identify which character(s) goes with which philosopher as part of your thesis statement. Body. I think "The List" will work best for organizing your synthesis of philosophers and characters from our two comedies. Simply take one philosopher at a time and, for each, briefly summarize the main points of what van Hooft has to say about that philosopher and then show us how that philosopher's ideas are brought to life in the actions of one or two specific characters in either The Importance of Being Earnest or Pygmalion or in both plays. It will be important that you characterize the views of each philosopher you choose accurately and that you base your characterization of those views only on what van Hooft has written. It will be equally important that you select the character or characters from each play that best embody the views of your chosen philosophers. As usual, you should include "compelling, concrete examples" and "specific, vivid details," in your body paragraphs. These examples and details should come from the two comedies. Use effective topic sentences for your paragraphs and appropriate transitions and signposts. Make sure to incorporate material from your sources into your own writing correctly. But you do not need to include any bibliography with this essay.

Conclusion. Bring your synthesizing essay to a close. Be sure that you do not do anything so predictable as merely summarizing the main points of your essay. You will be expected to demonstrate more and more control of punctuation, mechanics, spelling, and style as you work through more of the exercises.

For this fourth essay, please write as correctly as you can, making sure you avoid errors with semicolons, commas, apostrophes, diction, tone, spelling, subject-verb agreement, pronoun reference and agreement, maintaining a consistent point of view, modifier placement, parallelism and complete sentence construction.

Length: 750-1000 words.

1. Write in 12 point size font using any style of font that is easy to read (e.g., Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, Verdana)

2. Place this information in the Upper Left Corner of p. 1. Your Name EN 101: Your section number (e.g., C333) Date

3. Double space and center the title of your essay. Do not title your essay Week _ Writing Assignment. Compose a title using one of the strategies on page 72 of C&C. Double space your entire essay (do not add additional spaces between paragraphs).

4. Use 1 ¼-inch margins on the left and right and 1-inch margins at the top and bottom.

Reference no: EM131049757

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