Write down three anticipated consequences

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Write down 3 anticipated consequences and 3 unanticipated consequences for each category Legalizing Drugs Aviation Interstate Highway iPhones Computers Cloning Outlawing all Guns In addition, find a real news story about one of these examples where there was a negative outcome to one of these examples and write a paragraph describing what happen. Then explain how you think it could have been prevented. please use APA format with fife references

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Reference no: EM13760994

The nortorious jumping frog

What are the three themes from the essay by Manning, Arm Wrestling with My Father?  What is Mark Twain's use of irony in "The Nortorious Jumping Frog."

What will its eps be sales turn out to be 10 percent lower

Enigma Enery has forecasted that its EPS will be $4 per share this year. If the firm's degree of operating leverage (DOL) is 3.0x and its degree of financial leverage (DFL) is

Create a thesis driven essay presenting your audience

Create a thesis driven essay presenting your audience with a clear demonstration of your future career. After providing an objective analysis of your career field, offer a s

Find two different sources to write sentence word-phrase

Using the given reading material find two different sources to write Sentence-Word-Phrase paper on the following instructions.Learners will directly quote the Sentence, Phr

Identify what you want your audience to think

My letter is to let employees know that it is very important to come up with ways to generate revenue to help the public. Identify what you want your audience to think o

Describe gregors character before transformation

In Kafka's Metamorphosis, how would you describe Gregor's character before his transformation? Why do you think he was changed to a roach - a disgusting, ineffectual insect?

Corrupt behavior

If the majority considered the corrupt behavior as acceptable, would it no longer be considered corrupt? In American culture, is there a simple majority rule, or are there sub

Do you think lawrence was right or wrong

The English writer D.H. Lawrence made some harsh comments about one of America's most beloved writers. He described Franklin as being so obsessed with the accumulation of we


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