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Write a persuasive essay of approximately 700 to 1,050-words on a local, regional, or national current event or political issue that has affected you, your family, or your community recently. For example, you could address either the national or your local government's fiscal and tax policies and explain how they have affected the economy or your own personal situation. You might discuss the role tourism plays in your area, how professional sports have impacted your community, the reasons for lay-offs within a company, whether or not you agree with the decisions your local school board has made recently and how they have affected your children. Your topic does not necessarily have to be controversial, but it should be something that impacts you directly or indirectly, and about which others should be persuaded to see the way you do.

In this paper, begin with a title that prepares the reader for the topic. You will then explain the topic and your position on it in a well-developed introduction that includes a clearly written thesis statement. The introduction will be followed by well-developed paragraphs that support your thesis. The essay should acknowledge opposing views to your position-this may not take more than a paragraph or two.

Reference no: EM13472259

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