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Write answer as  part of essay.

here are the topics;-
1. Rhetorical Analysis: Trigger Warnings
2. Argument Essay: Immigration Visa Process for the USA
3. Profile Essay: The Chicago Bean

I need 1000 words. Please read all three essay and answer question.

I attach this project files so you can review it.

Reflection refers to the process that we engage in when we want to look back at some activity or decision we've made, to think about what we've learned from it, and how we might use it in the future. Reflection is a powerful tool in teaching and learning, and outside of academics, reflecting is a common tool among professionals and organizations as a way to establish values, goals, and future actions:

• What did I do? What is significant about it?

• Did I meet my goals? Yes, I meet goals. I learn profile essay, argument essay.

• When have I done this kind of work before? Where could I use this again?

• Do I see any patterns or relationships in what I did?

• How well did I do? What worked? What do I need to improve?

• What should I do next? What's my plan?

Reflection is also challenging: by its own nature, it requires honesty, self-awareness- what some people call meta-awareness or metacognition- and the ability to think critically about the conditions of our work and its outcomes.

Composing your Reflective Essay, in which you'll theorize yourself as a writer:

Consider the following:
• What kind of writer are you? How do you know?

• What is "good writing"? Is it merely "correct," spell-checked, and mechanically sound writing? How would you define it? Readers will be especially interested to read about how, when, and where you challenged yourself: how, when, and where, for example, did you reflect on your values, ideologies, and biases in class discussions, in readings, or in your writing? How do your values, ideologies, and biases affect your ability to engage in truth-seeking behavior?

• * Required: Assuming that part of good writing is revising, provide an example of conscientious revising - a process description -Tell us that story. Walk us through it. Provide quotes from your work.

• Can you have empathy for readers? Do you?
Your Final reflection needs to be between 800- 1000 words and the first time i read it will be on the submission of your Final Portfolio.

Attachment:- projects.rar

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