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In this writing exercise, you will write essentially the same memo for two different audiences.

Scenario: Survivor guilt is a common problem during a challenging economy. It can be traumatic for coworkers to watch others leave their jobs while they are still employed.

With their workload often increased, the remaining employees must deal with the stress of wondering why they still have jobs when others don't.

In addition, the employees often fear they will be next, and it is common to network with the laid-off workers for a variety of reasons.

Imagine that you are employed at a company involved in downsizing. Although you still have your job, your boss does not.
Complete the following steps:

Step 1: Brainstorm and decide how to send a message to your former boss on his last day at the company (memo? letter? text? phone call?). You will need to think about what you want to achieve with this message before you write or speak it. What are your specific objectives, and how can you achieve them with a brief message? Consider the issues (ex. corporate letterhead or not?).

Step 2: Write and save the message into a document. (If it is a phone call or conversation, write the script of what you intend to say.)

Step 3: Same scenario and process as above, except that the boss is your uncle who got you the job. How will this change the specifics (ex. channel, medium. length, language, etc.)?

Step 4: Write and paste this second message under the first one. Label the two parts appropriately.

Step 5: Write an explanation to explain the differences between the two messages and your rationale for your choices.

Step 6: Paste the explanation underneath the two messages. Include an appropriate heading above the explanation before posting your three-part assignment in this discussion forum. (Due Date for Original Post: Thursday)

Step 7: Read the responses of the other students and respond to one person by Saturday. Try to respond to a post that has not been addressed or respond with a different perspective so that our discussion is not repetitive. (Due Date: Saturday for the Follow-Up Post)

Reference no: EM13969818

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