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Submit an executive Request for Proposal (RFP) to include the issues discussed in class. The RFP should not be more than (10) pages. You could choose one of the following case studies that could be considered in the UAE environment for this assignment: Your management selected you to be the Program Manager for a national security system called Home Land Security System (HLSS). You decided to sub-contract some local companies to establish the physical networking and integration infrastructure of this system.

Write a sample RFP. You are working with the Government and your role is part of the development team of urban areas. Your task is to deliver information based on collaborated efforts and evaluations of the best companies that will help your team to develop the infrastructure of a remote residential areas.

Write a simple RFP to be distributed to local companies in the UAE that will give you the needed information to present to your management. You are working in manufacturing automobiles; you have a reputation in the market that you are not welling to jeopardize. Some of components/items of the car must be purchased from the market (i.e. the tiers, rims, radios, etc.)

Write an RFP to different vendors that maybe subcontracted. You realized that your workforce and efforts are distracted by tasks that could be done by people from outside your company, therefore, you decided to write a report to your stakeholders and decision maker to outsource the company maintenance and routine services.

Write an RFP to global and local companies for such services needed.

You have also been given the freedom to select THE SUBJECT of your RFP, but you must specify the type of case you choose.

In the first page of your RFP you shall indicate a statement to tell the reader the type of your project: Real case study with assumptions of the Seller and Buyer. Personal case including cases learned from your text book. Imaginary case study including key subjects covered in class.

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Reference no: EM13710720

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