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Baber Makayla Humanities and Culture

For this unit, you assume the role of an art historian. You are asked to organize a virtual exhibition of four artifacts from Africa and the Americas. After reading about cultures in both regions, you will select four artifacts to discuss. Only two of these can come from your assigned reading. Based on your reading about these cultures, search for two more artifacts that you might find interesting. Artifacts can include figurines, architectural works, masks, illuminated manuscripts, and more. Paste images with citations in your assignment so that the instructor can see the work you are analyzing. Utilize the Unit 4 Project Power Point template in Doc Sharing to complete this Assignment.

Choose one of each for a total of four works:

1. A work of art from Aztec Culture

2. A work of art from Mayan Culture

3. A work of art from Ife Culture in West Africa

4. A work of art from Benin Culture in West Africa

Begin by introducing the work. What is the work? When was it made? What is the purpose and function of this work of art? Then discuss your impressions of the work and what it communicates to you.

The Assignment must include terms expressing the style or specific features in the work. Remember that the Assignment should demonstrate your understanding of the culture and the artifacts. In addition to referencing the reading (chapter nine or other chapters of your textbook), cite other credible sources that support your main points of discussion and your overall proposition. Be sure to cite all sources using the APA 6th edition style guide, which is available under Course Home. When discussing your impressions of each artifact, you must be original, and your discussion should reflect your personal taste.

Reference no: EM13739300

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