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Cultural encounters can prove to be very enriching to all those involved. However, in most cases these encounters lead to conflict of values. Issues of conflict of values are not confined to academic or philosophical spheres, but impact the social interaction closely. Consequently, the issue of dealing with minority cultures/groups and their values comes to the forefront. In the hope of addressing these issues, societies often resort to philosophical assumptions and theoretical principles, but the results are never fully satisfactory.

Choose a thorny issue that relates to minority groups/cultures and highlight how conclusions can be reached to best settle it. The issue can be ethnic, cultural, gender, age or physical/mental ability related in nature and those involved in it can be a large or a small group. The scope of the answer is wide and you should set the necessary philosophical background to the topic by explaining key concepts and applying them to the issue chosen. In the process of answering the TMA, you should make sure to include the below five sub sections:

1) Highlight the concepts involved in weighing societal choices in response to issues brought up by cultural encounters.

2) Debate the concept of treating different groups of people fairly or unfairly.

3) Comment on whether ethic, cultural, gender, age or physical mental ability related identities (depending on the thorny issue you chose) is a matter of choice or chance.

4) Reflect onreasons for governments to protect and foster diverse cultural traditions or groups.

5) Summarize the difficulties encountered in deciding on the best practice when addressing issues of this kind.

A Tentative Outline

  I. Introduction:

A. What is "culture"?

B. What is "cultural diversity"?

C. What is meant by a "cultural encounter"?

D. Discuss how cultural diversity within a society can produce ethical or political problems due to the conflicts between the values of minority cultures and the values of the dominant culture (majority).

   II. Body Paragraph 1:

A. Discuss "discrimination", and say when it is fair and when it is unfair.

B. Mention the factors that make any discrimination fair/unfair. Give a particular example in which one group of people (a minority) is treated differently from others (the majority), and note whether you think the difference in treatment is fair or unfair.

III. Body Paragraphs 2 & 3:

A. Introduce your "particular case study".

B. Mention the two cultures involved (i.e. the majority and the minority).

C. Discuss how these two cultures differ in their values.

D. Mention a specific conflict/problem existing between the two cultures.

E. Analyze the factors/considerations involved in settling the case/conflict, and say if they are matters of choice or chance.

IV. Body Paragraph 4:

A. Discuss whether the government should protect and foster diverse cultural traditions or groups or not (with reference to your particular case).

B. Elaborate on the importance of "cultural identity" and say if cultural identity is a matter of choice or of chance (with reference to your particular case).

C. Discuss the concept of "self-determination".

   V. Body Paragraph 5:

A. Discuss the difficulties encountered in deciding on the best practice when addressing issues of this kind. Often the decision will depend on the nature of the cultural group. Therefore, each case needs to be studied individually.

B. Answer the following questions with regard to your particular case study:

1. Does the group have a free, equal, and democratic internal regime?

2. Can people join and leave the group easily?

3. Does the group itself value autonomy, as liberals understand it?

Reference no: EM1389462

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