Write an essay about uber that offers transport services
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Write an essay - using 700 words only for each journal:

Journal 1 - 700 words maximum limit

UBER is a company that offers transport services, especially taxi services. UBER provides services to taxi drivers as well as to passengers. It is becoming popular in certain quarters due to the flexibility and service offerings.

Your task is to visit UBER web site and discuss how the innovation component fits within what has been taught in this course.

You will specifically discuss UBER in terms of ethics, security and organizational aspects.

Journal 2 - 700 words maximum limits

UBER uses an ‘app' to provide services. You are asked to visit the site and check the various options available to users to avail their taxi services.

Once fully comprehended, your task is to analyse technology integration issues and technology management issues provided by UBER app.
You need to highlight advantages and disadvantages as an end user while discussing the above.


You are not required to submit the plagiarism report for the journal. However, you are strongly recommended to check the journals using a plagiarism application (this can be any application that detects plagiarism) and keep the report safely. If the report is found to contain ‘similarities' then you will be awarded with a ‘zero' and automatically referred to the Faculty for further action.

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