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Writing Assignment: Classic Love

Write an essay about the film "Pride & Prejudice - Your Hands are Cold - One of the last scenes".

The prompt for the second writing assignment is:

The film clip of Pride and Prejudice that is part of this module significantly compresses the scene as it appears in the novel. What does the extract from the novel suggest about the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth that is not, or is only marginally, present in the film clip?

(Please note: your answer should be based on a comparison of the film clip and extract from Pride and Prejudice considered in this module; you are not expected to bring into your answer scenes or events from other parts of the novel or film. I am looking for you to think closely about these two scenes and the different ways in which they present the relationship.)

Your answers should be submitted via Turnitin (the link below this one in the Classic Love Module) by 11.55 pm on Wednesday 10 February 2016. It should be 250 words. 10% either side is permissible, but pieces that are longer than 275 words, or shorter than 225, are liable to lose one letter grade. This limit applies to the text of your response; it does not include the title or works cited information. (Remember: the point is not simply to write down everything you can think of. Rather, give the topic some thought and decide what your argument is and what the best evidence is you have to support that argument. At that point you should start crafting your response, working out the best way to make and support your argument.)

As noted in the sample, "Murderous Desire in ‘My Last Duchess'" (also available in the Classic Love Module), the writing assignment will be graded on the basis of its argument, its evidence, and its style. In particular, I will be asking three questions:

1. Does the response provide a clear argument?
2. Does the response provide strong evidence that supports the argument?
3. Is the response well-formatted and written, free of grammatical, stylistic, and spelling errors?

Reference no: EM13970268

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